Windows 11 without a Microsoft account

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Option 1: use command prompt

  •  When it tells you to sign into your Microso account, press “shi+f10” to open the command prompt.
  • type in “ipconfig /release” and hit enter. This command tells your computer to forget any IP addresses it currently has, essentially forgetting how to access the internet. (you can undo this by typing ipconfig /renew, or simply restarting the device)
  • Once this command has run, you can close Command prompt and click on the back arrow. It will then let
    you create a local account instead.
  • The above option might not be possible if you are running a device that came with “S Mode”. On those
    device it should still be possible with option 2.

Option 2: use ethernet instead.

  • When it tells you to sign into your Microsoft account, unplug your ethernet cable and click the back arrow. It will then let you create a local account instead.

edit: Comments have taught me a couple other, maybe even better options. I knew you people would be smart! (I take no credit, everything from here on is you guys.)

Option 3: Fake MS account

  • there are pre-existing fake accounts that will force the creation of a local account. Examples in the comments being “” , and “” (Password is “test”)

Option 4: Make Internet Optional Again

  • The whole first time setup process is called OOBE(Out Of Box Experience). If you open Shi+f10 to open
    Command Prompt, you can type in the command “oobe /bypassnro”.
  • Typing this command, then restarting your machine will change a configuration in the OOBE so that internet is optional again. If you never connect to the internet to begin with, then the account creation page would naturally let you make a local account



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